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Updated Weeds Guide for Southern Tasmania

First printed in 2010, we have recently revised our Weed Guide for Southern Tasmania, updated to include several newly declared weeds.

While the guide is not a complete list of all weeds, it identifies priority species in our rural and urban environments and how to tackle them. For a full list of Tasmania’s weeds, control methods and management strategies, refer to the DPIPWE website

Some of these weed species may look a little familiar. Popular plants such as agapanthus, foxglove or New Zealand flax are common garden additions, but they have the potential to spread further than the boundaries of our backyard and cause problems in our rural and natural landscapes. However, you can also take a look at our native gardens guide for ideas about what might make a better replacement

Click here to download the digital version of our weeds guide, and if you’d like a print copy, they will soon be available from selected local councils and nurseries or via NRM South.

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