A message from NRM South

The Australian Government implemented a tender process for environmental funding across the 56 natural resource management regions throughout Australia. NRM South submitted a strong bid aimed at maximising outcomes for sustainable development in Tasmania, and was the only tenderer for our region, but unfortunately was unsuccessful.

The tender process was a first for NRM South, operating under a completely changed business model for service contracting and deliverance.

NRM South CEO Donald Coventry said, “It appears the Department of Environment and Energy are looking for different value proposition and we will sharpen our pencil in future discussions with them. We see this as a process of clarification and negotiation going forward, which is not unusual in such bids.”

“Senator Abetz has been a strong advocate for Tasmania in these initial negotiations, as has Senator Colbeck”, he added.

NRM South is a non-profit community organisation established under the Tasmanian Natural Resources Management Act to work with farmers, other land managers and communities in the management and long-term health of Tasmania’s land, water and biodiversity assets.

“Our work is important because the health of these assets, which support agriculture, mining and tourism, is critical to the future of Tasmania’s economy and Tasmanian businesses and jobs.”

“The Tasmanian economy is beginning to flourish on the back of our premium food and beverage exports and tourism due largely to the recognition of the quality of our natural assets by our main export markets such as China.  Natural Resource Management is crucial to the protection of our clean green brand and we work to add value through our support of many sectors of Tasmania’s society, industries and landscape”


Donald Coventry

Chief Executive Officer

NRM South

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