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Awards recognise community contribution to Tassie’s environment

Over the past year, NRM South has worked together with many organisations and individuals to improve natural resource management in Southern Tasmania. Nominations are now open for both the Community Achievement Awards, and the Pride of Australia Medal – both excellent opportunities to recognise amazing work done by individuals and organisations in the Tasmanian community.

The Community Achievement Awards and the Pride of Australia Medal recognise individuals, organisations and groups who are making a difference in our local communities and the state.

NRM South’s CEO Donald Coventry says that “recognising great contribution, no matter the industry or interest is an important tool that can help maintain the fabric of a connected and resilient community.

“The work in natural resource management is no different. Building relationships and working in collaboration with others to protect and improve our natural spaces is one of NRM South’s key strategies and enables us to have far greater impact than we could alone.

“We are privileged to have worked together with so many amazing groups and individuals involved in the protection and improvement of Southern Tasmania’s natural environment. These groups make an invaluable contribution to natural resource management, through championing threatened species, looking after local reserves, monitoring resource condition, getting communities involved, and promoting sustainability initiatives, to name just a few.“

If you are one of the many groups or individuals we have worked with who are deserving of this recognition and you would like help to nominate in the environment, agriculture or community group categories please get in touch with NRM South on 03 6221 6111.

Further information about the Community Achievement Awards can be found at

Further information about the Pride of Australia Medal 2014 can be found at

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