Working with Community

NRM South supports volunteer groups and individuals in Tasmania’s southern region. We deliver grant funding, provide links to information and hold events and training to help groups and individuals increase their knowledge and capacity. NRM South provides a framework for natural resource management through the NRM Strategy, and has established partnerships with organisations and businesses focused on ensuring our region’s assets are well managed.

The Southern Tasmanian community plays an important role in helping to manage the natural assets and values in our region. Our local environment is diverse and many businesses and individuals make their living off the land. Our community is made up of many organisations, non-profits, businesses and industries invested in the local environment and the natural spaces that we call home. Our partners in NRM play a key role in delivering many of the environmental improvements or protection that ensures the local environment stays healthy and productive. For a more comprehensive list of organisations and businesses that are connected with NRM in Southern Tasmania, click here.

Groups and Volunteers

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There are over 140 active volunteer groups in Southern Tasmania working under the umbrellas of Landcare, Coastcare, Wildcare and Bushcare as well as schools, agricultural groups and networks. The skills and passion of these individuals, groups and volunteers caring for our natural areas helps drive positive NRM results in our region.

We work with, and provide support to volunteers by providing access to knowledge, information, networking and grant funding, which in turn helps groups to do work that enhances and protects the local environment. The NRM Facilitators based in selected councils in Southern Tasmania are supported by council together with NRM South. These partnerships ensure direct action is local, long term and relevant to the needs of the community.

Local Government

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Local government represents the community.  As the closest level of government to the people, it is in a unique position to identify community needs and make sure that those needs are met in the most appropriate way.

In Southern Tasmania, local government plays a key role in managing the region’s natural resources through delivering on-ground actions that improve or protect natural assets such as beaches, roadsides, local reserves as well as investing in partnership projects that deliver sound NRM outcomes.

R&D and Education

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Linking to research and development (R&D) and to educational and scientific institutions is an important element of our work. Sound natural resource management relies on understanding and applying current science and thinking about NRM issues to the local landscape.

Many of our existing projects have R&D as a central element of their design, which may include partnerships with organisations such as the University of Tasmania (UTAS), professionals working in agriculture, climate change or other areas of NRM activity.

Our current projects that have a significant R&D component include NRM Planning for Climate Change, High Value Places, Species and Community and Sustainable and Regenerative Agriculture.

Business and Industry

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Many businesses and industries in Southern Tasmania both gain benefit from, and have investment in, the protection and sound management of natural resources in the region.

The agriculture, aquaculture and tourism industries in particular provide significant social and economic benefit to the region with more than $575M in food, beverage and seafood products exported from Tasmania during 2013-14. The importance of protecting the land, water and natural assets where these products are grown and produced is paramount in securing their continued benefit to our economy and community.

NRM South provides access to information to business and industry in relation to resource management and forms partnerships to help protect natural assets.

Government agencies

govt CollageAs significant investors in Southern Tasmania’s environment, government partners are key to the delivery of sound NRM outcomes for the southern region. We work with all tiers of government to achieve positive NRM outcomes both through our established programs and via government grants available to relevant organisations.

In 2014, Australian Government launched its National Landcare Programme (NLP). NRM South has led community consultations with relevant community sectors and has been the lead organisation in advising and delivering against Australian Government priorities in Southern Tasmania, focused on the concepts of Simple, Local and Long Term. In 2017, a second round of funding (National Landcare Program Phase 2) was announced. More information about the NLP can be found on the Australian Government’s NRM website.

NRM South also works with the Tasmanian Government via partnerships on priority projects, strategy and policy, and the delivery of important work such as bushfire recovery, threatened species monitoring and biosecurity. Much of our work also links to areas of State Government activity such as agriculture, tourism, investment and trade.