Naturally Inspired Grants

History of the NIG program

NRM South offered this funding stream annually from 2009. The Naturally Inspired Grants for community have supported 95 different community groups and schools with more than $450,000 in funding for a diverse range of activities; including native plant revegetation, rehabilitating sensitive habitat, weed management, controlling invasive species, developing awareness raising tools, running engagement events, and many more. Naturally Inspired Grants for farmers and fishers has supported 34 landowners with $157,000 since 2014, encouraging the adoption of innovative sustainable land use practices.


Summary of previous funding rounds


NIG Completion Report Round 10

For more information on Round 10 grant recipients, refer to our media release.

ROUND 9 (2016)

Round 9 of the NI Grants Round was divided into 2 streams; the Community Group Stream (community groups and schools) and the Landowner/Sustainable Agriculture Stream (individual landholders and primary industry groups). This round is being supported with access to Green Army teams, to support action on the ground, and provide hands on experience for young team members. For a full list of successful 2016 projects, please refer to our media release.

Round 9 Resources

Completion Report Naturally Inspired Grant Round9

Naturally Inspired Grants community workshop 17Feb2016

Naturally Inspired Grants landowners workshop 17Feb2016

ROUND 8 (2015)

Round 8 of the NI Grants opened in February and closed March 2015 for projects to be delivered over 2015-2016.  In all, there were 32 successful recipients in this round, including 12 community groups and 20 landholders sharing in just over $154,000 or between $2000-$5000 in funding each. Funded by the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme, this round amalgamated the previous On Farm Action grants or Public Benefit grants into the Naturally Inspired Grants program.

Projects included either: Direct on-ground works; community capacity and awareness raising; engagement with or delivery by indigenous people. Read the release here.

Round 8 Resources

NIG Completion Reporting for Round 8

Round 8 Grant writing workshop Feb2015

ROUND 7 (2014)

In May 2014, NRM South announced 16 successful projects allocated to 15 groups with $72,500 in funding going towards projects located across Kingborough, Huon, Clarence, Tasman, Sorell, Hobart and Derwent Valley regions.The successful projects addressed a range of challenges such as marine waste management, coastal and wetland restoration, environmental education, shorebird protection and monitoring, weed control, vegetation and habitat protection. Read the release here