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Green Army activities and information

Types of activities supported 

Those that enhance and improve habitats in and around significant flora, fauna and places including Ramsar sites. Commonwealth listed fauna includes the Tasmanian Devil, Spotted-tailed Quoll, Forty-spotted Pardalote, Hooded Plover, Swift Parrot, Eastern Barred Bandicoot, Masked Owl and Wedge-tailed Eagle. Significant flora includes Miena Cider Gum and Morrisby’s Gum, and significant habitat includes Eucalyptus ovata/Callitris oblonga and Coastal Saltmarsh.

Improve aesthetic and diversity of urban landscapes in public areas improving habitat for significant species, and build on existing urban corridor projects

Conduct revegetation activities that will build on previously government invested projects, and create corridor linkages, habitat extension, and improve species diversity in degraded/cleared landscapes including river/coastal zones and farms.

Who can apply?

This project will be available to community groups* and land managers** via an EOI process (including grant rounds), to support direct community action on the ground, including providing much needed hands to successful grant recipients through NRM South or Landcare Tasmania funded programs.

  • Community groups*: Are eligible to apply through an existing grant project/ as project recipient to NRM South/Landcare Tasmania community grants and as part of their regular volunteer activity, outside of an existing grant.
  • Land managers**: Are eligible to apply through an existing grant project/ as project recipient to NRM South/Landcare Tasmania community grants

The team will also work through NRM South’s existing NRM Facilitator network, supporting projects in the Derwent Valley, Huon Valley, Kingborough, Hobart, Sorell, Tasman and Glamorgan Spring Bay (south), as well as follow up on Biodiversity Fund projects with Landcare Tasmania and NRM South.

Apply for a team*:

For community groups or landholders running environmental projects or land managers wanting to access the NRM South/Landcare Tasmania Green Army Team, you can do this by either:

    1. Completing the Expression of Interest form for COMMUNITY MEMBERS at any time
    2. Completing the Expression of Interest form for NRM PROFESSIONALS/COUNCILS at any time
    3. Nominate your interest on your application form when applying to a Landcare Tasmania grant or NRM South Naturally Inspired grant (during the grant round)

The Green Army Teams will not be able to support all groups/landholders who complete EOI forms, and allocations will be based on priority activities, timing, availability and suitability of the project to the team and requirements of the Green Army programme.

Resources may be made available to community groups/landholders for on ground works (where not already funded through NRM South/Landcare funding) including tree guards, stakes/canes, tree guards/mesh, mulch or jute matting up to/equivalent value of $1000 per project.

*While the team will lend a hand and support a great range of projects across the region, it should be noted that Green Army Team members are not professional contractors, as they are young, inexperienced and learning on the job as they go. They will gain much of their experience working on a project and may not be suitable for highly technical/advanced restoration activities, unless under specialist supervision. Please consider if the team is appropriate for your activity, and what the participants may learn on your site to build their own skills and experience in protecting the environment.

If you would like more information on the programme delivery, please contact NRM South on 6221 6111 or Landcare Tasmania on 6234 7177.

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