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Healthy Horse and Land Expo

horse grazing

This weekend, horse owners from around the state will converge on Southern Tasmania to share ideas and knowledge about healthy horse ownership and land management of horse properties.

NRM South and NRM North are holding the Healthy Horse and Land Expo this Saturday 2nd May at the Pontville Park Equestrian Centre and are offering a virtual smorgasbord of horse and land related topics designed to help horse owners manage both horse health and land condition on Tasmania’s small farms.

NRM South Facilitator Holly Hansen has been coordinating the event in partnership with NRM North and says this weekend’s event should have something for everyone interested in better managing horses and the properties they live on.

“This weekend should be fantastic. Mariette van den Berg of MB Equine Services will share ideas about restoring landscapes and decreasing dependence on high input feed and the Wild About Hooves staff will be focused on natural hoof care, farrier alternatives and hoof rehabilitation.

“We’re also focusing part of the day on land management for horse properties. Our vision is that horse owners should be able to get more out of their farms in the long term by better managing their property. This might be about pasture management and improved soil, or about drought management or more simply it could just be about controlling weeds – all of which have a cost benefit if they result in better feed for horses,” Holly explained.

Hansen says that horse owners play a very important role in the sustainable management of Tasmania’s landscapes and can play a big part in encouraging good biosecurity practices on farms when purchasing fodder from interstate.

“We’re hoping this weekend is going to provide really valuable information for horse owners in terms of good biosecurity practice, managing horse properties as well as the cost and health benefits that can be gained by long term sustainable management of farms. I encourage anyone with horses to join us on the day,” Holly explained.

More than 100 people have pre-bought tickets to Saturday’s event which kicks off at 8:30am. Tickets can also be purchased on the day and food will also be available via the CWA. The event runs until 4:30pm and guests can attend a post-event BBQ thereafter.

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