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Matt Dunbabin – two years on from the Dunalley bushfire

Bangor recovery after bushfire

Following the 2013 bushfires in south east Tasmania, the Upper Derwent Valley and the Central Highlands, NRM South implemented a major Bushfire Response and Recovery Program to support those farmers whose properties had been burnt.

One of these farmers was Matt Dunbabin of Bangor, near Dunalley. The family’s property was badly burnt in the Dunalley bushfire. Some 32 kilometres of fencing was destroyed, along with sheds and most of the pasture. The first priority for Matt was to rebuild the fences to manage the grazing pressure of their sheep and enable pasture recovery.

Matt was able to save the vineyard on Bangor (although the harvest was later lost to smoke taint), but lost the shelter belt that protected the vines from strong prevailing winds. These have now been replanted.

In December 2014, the Dunbabin and Grey families opened the Bangor Wine & Oyster Shed. This is a cellar door and farm gate shop that sells the cool climate Bangor wines, freshly shucked oysters and other local produce.

NRM South is proud it was able to help the Dunbabins and many other farmers in Southern Tasmania recover from the devastating bushfires.

See the Summer 2015 NI Newsletter for more of the story.

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