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National Landcare Programme Review

The Australian Government is currently undertaking a review of the delivery arrangements for the National Landcare Programme to inform future decision making through a stakeholder survey.

In Tasmania, the National Landcare Programme (NLP) has provided funding to an array of natural resource management activities, including Regional Delivery through Tasmania’s three NRM organisations, Landcare Network funds supporting Landcare Tasmania, 20 Million Trees, 25th Landcare Anniversary and Sustainable Agriculture Small grants, Clean Up and Keep Australia Beautiful grants, Whales and Dolphin Protection Plans (including Whale trail funding), as well as Innovation and Target Area grants such as the Lake Sorell Carp Eradication Program.

NRM South encourages all communities involved in natural resource management (NRM) to participate in the survey, including those who have engaged with NRM organisations, received support from Landcare Tasmania, sought funding through government grants or who have been involved in other programs within the NLP.

Since the NLP was initiated in early 2015 the three NRM’s have, at a state-wide level, collectively provided training and access to NRM capacity building to over 27,000 participants; directly supported 432 farmers, funded 122 community projects in environmental and agricultural activities, and engaged and supported 222 Aboriginal people in NRM.

In October 2015, the three NRM’s and Landcare Tasmania signed a Statement of Common Purpose.

Donald Coventry, CEO elaborates “NRM South works closely with Landcare Tasmania, and have just completed a two- year partnership Green Army initiative that has supported over 26 community groups, 15 NRM organisations, and 19 farmers with on-ground labour support and resources, value adding to local grant projects. With NRM South leading the initiative, this collaborative demonstrates resource sharing and a united approach in direct action to meet local needs.” Coordination of the teams by NRM South staff was supported through NLP funding.

NRM South also partners with local government through co-investment to employ locally-based NRM Facilitators. These dedicated staff provide direct engagement and support to local community, including farmers and local volunteer groups, and without them activities such as Dairy Cares for the Derwent, Farm Nutrient Efficiency roadshows, Small Farm Planning in the Huon-Channel, South East Regional Shorebird Alliance activities, feral oyster control activities in the Tasman and the North Bruny Forty-spotted Pardalote weed and habitat program with landholders, would not have occurred. Similar Facilitator models exist in other NRM’s in Tasmania.

Over the last four years NRM South has provided almost $1 million in grants to 89 community groups and landcare activities, as well as 98 landholder farm-based and Aboriginal projects, with over a third of this coming through current NLP regional delivery. NRM Facilitators also support the community to seek funding from a broad range of sources, including our own Naturally Inspired grants, and in the last two years have helped in securing almost $400,000 in funding for NRM projects, including two NLP Sustainable Agriculture Small grants with the Derwent Catchment NRM and Tasman Landcare Group.

NRM South ensures efficient use of funds, and in 2015-16 delivered and supported projects to the value of $2.7 million, with over 146 partner organisations contributing 44% in kind and 28% direct funding into those activities.

Donald Coventry, CEO added “Contrary to current public discussions, NRM South directly employs 13 full-time equivalent (FTE) staff(part and full time), with only 9 (FTE) directly funded through Australian Government, the remainder are employed under State Government and other funding, including partner investment. On top of grant projects funded, NRM South directly supported and delivered over 100 projects last year, and this is only achieved through collaboration within the NRM sector

Full details of NRM South activities can be viewed in the 2015-16 Annual Report.

For more information and access to the current National Landcare Programme stakeholder survey, open until 14 October, go to

NRM South is one of 56 natural resource management organisations in Australia and one of three in Tasmania. Our role is to protect, sustainably manage and improve our natural resources for the shared environmental, social and economic benefit of the community.

NRM South programs and regional delivery is supported through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme, the Tasmanian Government and NRM South.


This release is supported by: National Landcare Programme Review- The Hon. Josh Frydenberg and The Hon.Luke Hartsuyker

Pictured: The highly successfulA Day on the Marsh” event run by Southern Beaches Landcare Coastcare was supported through NRM South NI Grants with funding from the NLP programme.

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