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National Landcare Programme Update – January 2015

The Australian Government is working with the 56 regional NRM bodies across Australia to implement the regional stream of the new National Landcare Programme – NLP (replacing the former Caring for our Country program).

Key features of NLP include twenty per cent of allocated funds to support activities that engage with, or are delivered by, the NRM community (including but not limited to community grants). More flexibility for NRMs, in consultation with the community, to deliver a programme to meet local needs aligning with regional and national priorities, such as; EPBC listed species and priority areas such as world heritage, Ramsar, protecting ecosystems, sustainable management of agriculture and aquaculture, building community skills and other priority areas.

NRM South is in process of finalising arrangements with the Australian Government to deliver this programme. The aim is to continue working with the wider NRM community to:

  • Build knowledge and resources in the region;
  • Support coastal, freshwater and marine action;
  • Work with industry to build partnerships and networking opportunities;
  • Deliver training on a range of NRM topics;
  • Work with farmers and community groups on initiatives that promote biosecurity and sustainable land practices
  • Develop projects to conserve and protect high value places, species and communities;
  • Work with, and support, the aboriginal community in NRM; and
  • Support monitoring and data collection relating to our unique resources and locations.

NRM South will continue working and developing activities with our partners and affiliates, and to support the NRM South network of facilitators who are hosted/co-employed in local government areas across parts of Southern Tasmania. The role of these facilitators is to deliver local action and provide extension services and mentoring to localised community and community projects.

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