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Naturally Inspired Grants

The Naturally Inspired Grants provide valuable support for groups and individuals to make a positive contribution to the Southern Tasmanian environment.

Since 2009, the Naturally Inspired Grants have provided community groups with over $335,000 in funding, which has also included support provided through the new rolling Naturally Inspired Bite-sized grants.

This year priorities include projects that:

  • Increase engagement, participation and capacity building in NRM;
  • Include on ground works to protect national and state listed species, communities and places; or
  • Encourage farmers and fishers to adopt sustainable initiatives.

These priorities align with the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme.

Round 8 (announced June 2015) provides grants to groups, non profits and schools and to individual landholders for projects on sustainable production or biodiversity on private land, by merging former on-farm action grants with the existing Naturally Inspired Grants program. This grant is supported through Australian Government funding and the National Landcare Programme.

Guidelines and information on the grants will be available here shortly

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