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Naturally Inspired projects protect Tasmania’s Southern Environment

Forty-spotted pardalote Chris Tzaros

NRM South is pleased to announce 16 successful projects funded by the annual Naturally Inspired Grants program. The latest round supports 15 groups with $72,500 towards projects across Kingborough, Huon, Clarence, Tasman, Sorell, Hobart and Derwent Valley regions.

The Naturally Inspired Grants fund projects that meet specific environmental criteria, with funds of up to $5,000. This year’s projects address a range of challenges such as marine waste management, coastal and wetland restoration, environmental education, shorebird protection and monitoring, weed control, vegetation and habitat protection. The grants were of impressively high calibre and NRM South allocated additional funding to endorse the highest ranking projects. The funded projects will be completed by 30 April 2015. NRM South would like to thank all applicants for their time in applying for this year’s round.

Many of the successful projects focus on improving habitat condition or addressing important recovery actions for flora and fauna listed as endangered by the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999.

One of Australia’s rarest birds, the Forty Spotted Pardalote will get special attention through habitat creation and monitoring by the Weetapoona Aboriginal Corporation. The Understorey Network and Friends of the Orange Bellied Parrot Wildcare Group will work on monitoring, breeding and habitat enhancement for the endangered Orange Bellied Parrot, noted as being ‘on the brink of extinction’.

“Our grants help volunteers to get on with doing great environmental work in southern Tasmania,” explained NRM South CEO Donald Coventry “Volunteers in the southern NRM region are extremely passionate and switched on when it comes to understanding the needs and the action required to help protect our local assets, which in this case includes some extremely rare or threatened species.”

NRM South also runs a Naturally Inspired Bite-Sized Grant program, with rolling grants up to $500 available all year round. To date, eight community groups and schools have received grants totalling just over $3,000.

In this case, it’s true to say that ‘from little things big things grow’, and volunteers have welcomed this ready access to funds which have been used to purchase tools and equipment, establish kitchen gardens and develop social media. These grants are aimed at increasing environmental or sustainable awareness and positive action and are currently open to any community group or school. The application form and further information can be downloaded from (Opportunities> Funding)

NRM South recently ran a successful grant writing workshop to support funding applications to Naturally Inspired Grants, and for several years has facilitated volunteer group training programs in collaboration with local government, Southern Coastcare Association of Tasmania and Landcare Tasmania. NRM South also hosts a network of NRM Facilitators who support community in all areas of natural resource management, to build capacity and enable action across the region.


  • Friends of the Orange-Bellied Parrot, Wildcare – $4820                                                         
  • Monitoring of the Orange-bellied Parrot breeding population at Melaleuca, TWWHA                    Huon
  • Friends of Maatsuyker Island, Wildcare – $4750                                                                     
  • Population census and monitoring of the shearwater (muttonbird) populations on Tasmania’s WHA Maatsuyker Island                                                                                              Huon
  • Huon Valley Roamers Landcare – $4644                                                                                  
  • Rehabilitation of Black Gum reserve, Flood Rd, Huonville                                                              Huon
  • Friends of Randalls Bay Coastcare – $5000                                                                            
  • Rehabilitation of a threatened vegetation community at Mickey’s Beach, Randalls Bay                  Huon
  • The Understorey Network – Orange Bellied Parrot – $4750                                                    
  • Orange bellied parrot captive breeding wild food plant program                                                    Kingborough, Glenorchy
  • Weetapoona Aboriginal Corporation – $4450                                                                         
  • Weetapoona Bird Box Project                                                                                                         Kingborough
  • Friends of Conningham Nature Recreation Area, Wildcare – $5000                                    
  • Adding value to previous grants by follow up weeding                                                                    Kingborough
  • Sustainable Living in Kingborough – $4950                                                                           
  • Kingborough Alliance: Reducing waste in the marine and coastal environment                             Kingborough
  • Mount Rumney-Mount Canopus Landcare group – $4900                                                   
  • Conservation of Swift Parrot, Eastern Barred Bandicoot and Masked Owl Habitat in peri-urban asset protection fire buffer zones                                                                              Clarence
  • Tranmere-Clarence Plains Land & Coastcare Inc – $4950                                                     
  • Buffering the Clarence Plains Saltmarsh                                                                                        Clarence
  • Wildcare Deslacs – $5000                                                                                                           
  • Protecting Short-tailed Shearwaters at Cape Deslacs                                                                    Clarence
  • The Understorey Network – Calverts Hill – $5000                                                                    
  • Increasing the habitat of the EPBC Act listed Eucalyptus morrisbyi, Calverts Hill                            Clarence
  • Friends of the Lachlan River – Karamu – $3062                                                                      
  • New Norfolk Karamu Blitz – karamu survey, removal, and native revegetation of riparian habitat by community and key landowners                                                                        Derwent valley
  • Sucklings Creek Management Committee – $3530                                                                 
  • Sucklings creek action plan                                                                                                             Tasman
  • Premaydena/Saltwater River Coastcare – $2700                                                                      
  • Rehabilitation of Impression Bay foreshore                                                                                    Tasman
  • Friends of Pitt Water-Orielton Lagoon Wildcare – $5000                                                       
  • Improving the ecological condition of Pitt Water-Orielton Lagoon Ramsar site                               Sorell

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