NRM Facilitator Network

NRM South supports five NRM Facilitators within Southern Tasmania. Their role is to support their community in delivering natural resource management projects in partnership with Local Government and community networks. They ensure regional approach to NRM at a local level, with their local community.

The program builds local Natural Resource Management (NRM) capacity by working with local government staff, individuals and community groups. The NRM Facilitators assist the development of local partnerships and access to local knowledge and community priorities.

Our field based facilitators provide a regional perspective to respond to local challenges. They operate within the municipalities of Tasman and Sorell, Glamorgan Spring Bay, the Upper Derwent and Highland Lakes region, Huon Valley area as well as providing knowledge and expertise to the broader community.

The program builds local NRM capacity by working closely with local government staff, individuals and community groups. In most cases, facilitators are supported by NRM South in conjunction with the local council ensuring the focus on local relevance is maintained.

These NRM Facilitators also work with NRM South’s Regional Landcare Facilitator and provide extension to programs in the region that cover sustainable agriculture, land management, coastal and riparian work, community support and projects that protect threatened species and communities.