NRM South welcomes new Board members for 2014


NRM South is pleased to announce the appointment of new members Matthew Pitt, Michael Bidwell and Peter Tucker and the renewal of Christine Crawford to the NRM South Board for the next four years.

Chairman Max Kitchell said he is delighted to be welcome the new and returning Board members for the upcoming term and looks forward to working with them.

The new Board members bring a fresh perspective to NRM South with skills and knowledge that encompasses Landcare and agricultural experience, local government planning and natural resource management, aquaculture and fisheries, knowledge of Tasmanian Government agencies as well as combined skills and experience in governance, business management and previous Board experience.

The new Board members bring the following experience to NRM South:

Matthew Pitt: Matthew has been involve in Landcare since 1995 and brings a wealth of experience and insight in catchment management. He has also run his own business for 26 years and has commercial expertise and experience working with the community and NRM groups.

Michael Bidwell: Michael has 20 years’ experience in planning, developing and delivering NRM and has experience within local government and within government business enterprises. He has been involved in regional strategy development and has experience working across all levels of government.

Peter Tucker: Peter has extensive experience working at senior levels within State Government, is a Certified Practicing Accountant, and has business, management and marketing expertise than spans many industries and businesses,

Chairman Max Kitchell also thanked outgoing Board members Angus MacNeill, Melanie Kelly and Graeme Bradfield and congratulated them on their significant contribution to the NRM South Board and to the sustainable management of natural resources within Southern Tasmania in the past few years.

The new Board was endorsed on Thursday 25 September 2014 and consists of the following members:

Max Kitchell – Chair

Dr Howel Williams – Deputy Chair

Michael Bidwell

Heather Chong

Christine Crawford

Ruth Hall

Greg Lehman

Matthew Pitt

Peter Tucker



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