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Soil Trials

NRM South has supported individual farmers and land managers with a range of innovative soil trials through grants and trial projects including:

Inoculation trials
NRM South has recently built on restoration activities on farms, through bushfire recovery efforts post 2013 fires. Mycorrhizal inoculation of eucalypts in shelter belts has been introduced to rebuild soil health where natural fungi was lost through fire intensity.

Cropping trials
NRM South has recently developed a partnership with Redlands Estate and other local whisky producers to investigate sustainable land management practices such as holistic farm management, crop and grazing rotation, minimum till and no till paddock preparation, soil moisture monitoring to better manage irrigation practices, comprehensive soil testing (physical, chemical and biology) to better understand soils and soil health to improve the quality and yield of grain, and to reduce farm inputs and pressures on the land. See the Redlands Project video

NRM South recently supported a landholder in the Derwent Valley through a grant in 2013-14 to implement biofumigant trials on a poppy farm. Biofumigants can suppress unwanted pathogens and weeds and assist plants in uptake of nitrogen. Results on this will be released soon, as the farmer has partnered with agricultural services company Serve-Ag to monitor results.

See more on Biofumigants here

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