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Southern Tas draft NRM Strategy open for comment

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Business, government, industry and community in Southern Tasmania are invited to provide feedback into the draft Natural Resource Management Strategy for Southern Tasmania 2015-2020.

The NRM Strategy, prepared by NRM South, guides and prioritises actions that help manage the natural resources in the region. Comment is invited from all parts of the community, including individuals, government agencies and local government, and businesses and industry groups that have a connection to the landscapes and assets within the region, including: the parks and reserves where we enjoy our time; the coasts and beaches that are part of the region’s liveability; the productive landscapes that underpin much of our economy; the plants and animals that locals and tourists enjoy; urban landscapes as hubs of activity and value; and the people in the community that play such an important role in helping to manage them.

The NRM Strategy recognises that effective natural resource management relies on co-operative and coordinated action by key contributors, which may occur locally, across the region or across the State. It is this coordinated action and co-operative approach that will underpin the successful implementation and positive outcomes of this Strategy for the next five years.

NRM South’s CEO Donald Coventry invites anyone with an interest in Southern Tasmania to provide feedback. “The purpose of the NRM Strategy is the effective and positive management of our region’s natural resources. We invite anyone interested in the management of our landscapes and assets to provide comment on the NRM Strategy,” Mr Coventry explained.

“‘This is a whole-of-community Strategy that identifies the social, economic and environmental values of the region and outlines how the community can work together to manage and improve its condition. The Strategy will be in place from the end of this year until 2020 and so providing the opportunity for people to provide input now is important.”

Submissions should be made online via www.yoursay.nrmsouth.org.au where you can download the NRM Strategy for Southern Tasmania 2015-2020 and make comment via an online form.

The strategy was initially developed in 2005 and is reviewed on a five-yearly cycle in accordance with the Tasmanian Natural Resource Management Act 2002. This Strategy has been reviewed and updated to reflect current best knowledge and has been developed in close consultation with NRM North and Cradle Coast NRM. It aims to improve the integration of natural resource management across the region, balancing environmental, economic and social objectives, as well as encouraging partnerships between all who seek to achieve this goal. It will also guide regional NRM investment over this period.

NRM South invites people to provide either high-level feedback on the Strategy or more detailed input on content, wording, findings, targets or on sections within the document.Input will be considered and appropriate changes made to the final version which will guide NRM South and its community partners in the management of the region’s natural resources.

Submissions close at 5pm on Monday 12 October, 2015 and late submissions may not be considered.

If you are unable to lodge your feedback via the online portal, you can download a form from the NRM South website https://www.nrmsouth.org.au/projects/nrm-strategy/ and then emailed to strategy@www.nrmsouth.org.au.For further information please contact NRM South on 03 6221 6111.

If you are interested to also view and comment on the draft Northern Tasmanian NRM Strategy 2015-2020, please visit the NRM North website www.nrmnorth.org.au for information on how to provide feedback.

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