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Discovery part of a great day out at Mt Field this Summer

While many of us have had to head back to the office the first week of January, it doesn’t mean our Summer is over – far from it. January is a time when the weather stays warm and there are ample weekends of warm weather to head down to the


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Keeping creatures (and wild places) safe this Summer

Dr Magali Wright has been at it again. Today she had a chat about biosecurity with a flight business ParAvion who flies into Tasmania’s remote places, including Melaleuca . ParAvion, who runs wilderness tours from its base at Cambridge in Southern Tasmania, embraced the messages about protecting our great tourism



Volunteer work vital to threatened species

One of Dr Nigel Swarts great hopes is that a project to build a living collection of some of Tasmania’s most threatened native orchids at the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens with the help of volunteers, will one day help restock numbers in the wild. The orchid research scientist says Tasmania