Tasman and Sorell area

Paul Gray (1)

Located within Tasman and Sorell municipalities the Tasman/Sorell area extends from the Coal River across to Marion Bay, down the Tasman Peninsula and around Frederick Henry Bay to Seven Mile Beach. It takes in the towns of Richmond and Sorell, Dunalley and Nubeena as well as rural hamlets across both municipalities and a large swathe of agricultural and crown lands.

The hands-on nature of both of these roles is focused on maintaining and protecting the natural assets of the areas. This includes managing challenges such as proximity to urban development, high use recreation areas featuring some of the state’s best beaches and coasts, assisting farmers and producers, as well as enhancing the experience for tourists and visitors to the state in a way that showcases and protects the many species and communities within the region.

The Tasman Council and the Sorell Council in conjunction with NRM South supports NRM Facilitators in both the areas.

Contacts in Tasman and Sorell

Working in partnership with Sorell Council to deliver NRM in the Tasman Catchment:

Amanda Blakney, Tasman NRM Officer: 03 6250 9221 (Mon – Thur)

Jennifer Milne, Tasman NRM Officer: 03 6250 9205 / 0481 393 175 (Mon – Wed)


Paul Gray, Sorell NRM Facilitator (Employed with Sorell Council)

03 6269 0042 Monday to Thursday

NRM South acknowledge the investment, collaboration and partnership with both Sorell and Tasman Councils, and the collaboration and achievements between Councils to deliver projects and engagement activities across these regions.