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Updates – NRM Strategy for Southern Tas


In recent months NRM South has been seeking consultation from the NRM community towards the development of the Natural Resource Management Strategy for Southern Tasmania 2015-20. This is your strategy, and will guide investment in your region, so it is important that you provide your input if you are involved in natural resource management in the region.

NRM South has ensured that the consultation, taking place since June 2014, has been wide and with as many stakeholders and sectors as possible, including community groups, NGO’s, government (local and state), industry, peak bodies, individuals, volunteers, farmers and more. NRM South is working with NRM North and Cradle Coast to collaborate in this process, as all 3 regional strategies are under review.

The consultation in the south to date has comprised of targeted online surveys, completed by over 120 individuals, regionally hosted NRM stakeholder sessions with 89 participants, a regional workshop that invited a wide range of stakeholders from the south to contribute to the framework with over 25 organisations represented, and a state-wide workshop attended by 30 state organisations reviewing decision making processes and how this influences the strategy’s effectiveness – run by the three NRM’s to ensure efficiency of contribution by state organisations.


From now the draft strategy is being finalised and will be open to broad community consultation after August 2015. The NRM Strategy consultation portal will be a home for this information and can be found at General information about the strategy can be found there and the opportunity for feedback will be promoted through social media once it is available.

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