Celebrate World Wetlands Day on February 2nd!

Did you know that wetlands are some of the world’s most productive ecosystems? Not only are they an essential part of the global water cycle, wetlands provide water resources for crops, wildlife, stock and people, help to regulate the flow of water and nutrients through the landscape, store carbon, are an important habitat for many species – including migratory birds, and act as the breeding grounds for many of our fish stocks.

However, despite the overwhelming benefits we get from these environments it’s estimated that we’ve lost around 65% of the world’s wetlands since 1990! World Wetlands Day is a global event that celebrates the signing of the Convention on Wetlands of International Importance in Ramsar, Iran, on 2 February 1971 (also known as the Ramsar Convention) and also encourages people to get out and learn more about their local wetlands.

There are stacks of events happening around our region – check out some of the links below to connect with a wetland near you!

WWD flyer

World Wetlands Day Celebration – CAMBRIDGE

shorebirds flyer A4

Meet the migrants – PENNA

World Wetlands Day – COLES BAY

Dog’s Breakfast – SORELL













Wetlands Treasure Hunt – KINGSTON












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